What I Learned From Traveling Around the World in 2015

A year is a long time. 2015 was the year that I finally felt like an adult for the first time in my life. I got a good job with a consistent paycheck, Spurs are decidedly less Spursy, and Ireland is going to the Euros next year. I took advantage of my holidays to the […]

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Porn, Pálinka, Nazis: This Is Hungary

If you ask any random person what he/she knows about Hungary – and yes, please let’s suppose that this person can place this teeny-tiny country on an approximate map of Europe – most likely you will hear the following holy trinity: porn, strong spirits and Nazis (if you also hear “dictator” than you must have […]

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Revolutionary Drinking in Marrakech

Part 1: Flying fantasies I do not like flying. Any flight over 3 hours leads to the exact same morbid desire. Despite holding no suicidal impulses, I have a fantasy every long-haul flight that the plane would crash. I long for the pilot maybe to have either marital problems or a long suffering gambling addiction […]

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Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck

During those years I have spent living in Prague, I have often wondered what the most appropriate tourism slogan would be for the Czech Republic. I ended up coming up with the following: “Czech Republic: Where no one gives a fuck”. In the beginning you are amazed to see and experience such a level of presumed […]

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