“It’s not you, it’s Cambodia”: Siem Reap, Angkor Twat & Failed Relationships

The train I had taken with my girlfriend from Bangkok to the Cambodian border was long, hot, and involved a young Muslim Thai boy sleeping on my shoulder for about six hours. I also couldn’t eat anything because I thought that all the food had meat in it and that’s one area I’m mad childish […]

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Chisinau Is A Ghost: A Photo Essay By Mihail Kalarashan

Chisinau exists as a city of shadows of the people’s memories, hopes, and dreams. Its mask is taken off during a foggy morning, when the city shows its real face. After three or five hours, we can see the lights of the sun on the roofs, and cold shades of grey turn to a rich […]

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Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck

During those years I have spent living in Prague, I have often wondered what the most appropriate tourism slogan would be for the Czech Republic. I ended up coming up with the following: “Czech Republic: Where no one gives a fuck”. In the beginning you are amazed to see and experience such a level of presumed […]

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