Eat, Drink and Loosen Your Belt: an Ode to Polish Cuisine

This is the beginning of a love story, or several love stories actually. The first time I visited Poland was during the spring of 2012 and to be honest, the sole reason of this visit was the fact that my friend, in whose kitchen I resided at that time, and I found ridiculously cheap flight […]

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The Mourning After: eating away the post-drinking blues in different parts of the world

I was a late-bloomer, I have to admit. I remember opening my eyes the morning after and thinking: so this is what it feels like. My very first hangover. It was the day after my 19th birthday and I got so drunk on Martini that I vomited straight down on the downstairs neighbours’ balcony and possibly […]

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Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck

During those years I have spent living in Prague, I have often wondered what the most appropriate tourism slogan would be for the Czech Republic. I ended up coming up with the following: “Czech Republic: Where no one gives a fuck”. In the beginning you are amazed to see and experience such a level of presumed […]

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