Power Produces Desire: Sex Tourists

The sex tourist encapsulates the most oppressive tropes of the modern man by targeting those women that are most economically insecure. I do a lot of aimless travel. I never really do any research before going on a holiday apart from having a quick look around for a place to stay, some decent bars, a […]

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“I Only Have Friends Because I Killed All My Enemies”: Come to Moldova!

The Republic of Borduria, the Kingdom of Syldavia: if you grew up obsessed with the adventures of Tintin, like me (my granddad even taped the tv-series on VHS for my brother and me every week), you know what I am talking about. Borduria was even way ahead of its time, depicting a black hipster moustache […]

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“It’s not you, it’s Cambodia”: Siem Reap, Angkor Twat & Failed Relationships

The train I had taken with my girlfriend from Bangkok to the Cambodian border was long, hot, and involved a young Muslim Thai boy sleeping on my shoulder for about six hours. I also couldn’t eat anything because I thought that all the food had meat in it and that’s one area I’m mad childish […]

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Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck

During those years I have spent living in Prague, I have often wondered what the most appropriate tourism slogan would be for the Czech Republic. I ended up coming up with the following: “Czech Republic: Where no one gives a fuck”. In the beginning you are amazed to see and experience such a level of presumed […]

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