Peregrine Nation: Poems about Travel and Displacement by Lucian Mattison

To survive the turbulent times, you have to appreciate and savour the small moments. Living in Santiago in 2011, social upheaval and teargas was constantly in the air. It didn’t seem like the ideal place for a timid northern European to be trying to eke out a living. Amid the chaos and violence brought about […]

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Hipsters Know Best: What You Should Have Been Listening to in 2015

1 Sam Gellaitry – To Earth and Back “Ba, Ba, BA!”, while hungover in Bosnia. 2. Jeremih – Oui “Hey! there’s no oui without you and I, oh yeah, ah yeah ah ?? ??”, while trying to get a ticket to Hungary in a Serbian bus station. 3. The Internet – Under control “I know […]

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A Night in a Squatted Dungeon: What I Learned From Re-imagining Spaces

There is an expression in Spain that could be translated as “a goat will always go to the mountain”, which basically means that we tend to walk in directions that are inherent to us. As the rusty-hearted stubborn goat I am, two weeks ago I travelled back to my beloved Amsterdam once again, although we […]

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Travel, Love, Drunken Urination, and Zagreb

I woke up in a bed that wasn’t mine in Ljubljana. Actually, it was a couch. After a quick inspection I realized that there was no one around and my belt was undone. There was also a strong musk of the dark beer I had been drinking the previous night emanating from the plant pot […]

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What I Learned From Traveling Around the World in 2015

A year is a long time. 2015 was the year that I finally felt like an adult for the first time in my life. I got a good job with a consistent paycheck, Spurs are decidedly less Spursy, and Ireland is going to the Euros next year. I took advantage of my holidays to the […]

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Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck

During those years I have spent living in Prague, I have often wondered what the most appropriate tourism slogan would be for the Czech Republic. I ended up coming up with the following: “Czech Republic: Where no one gives a fuck”. In the beginning you are amazed to see and experience such a level of presumed […]

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A Love Letter To Tbilisi

I never know how to feel about anything really. Constantly torn between my conflicting national identity, my desire to live a healthy practical life while being terribly fond of the drink, or supporting the most disappointing football team known in the history of man. I’m never settled in my opinions on anything. Even politically, I’d […]

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